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Expanding Your Horizons with Sharks Trade Group

Welcome to Sharks Trade Group, your premier partner in navigating the complexities of global trade with over 30 years of expertise in the IT and importing sector. Our mission is to bridge markets, innovate solutions, and foster meaningful partnerships worldwide. Discover how we can transform your business landscape with our strategic approach to global commerce.

  • Over 30 Years in IT Industry: Harnessing decades of tech expertise to drive innovation.
  • 20 Years of Global Importing: From the US to China and Europe, expanding your market reach.
  • Strategic Growth in Poland and Beyond: Actively broadening our impact on the Polish market and establishing a gateway to Europe.
  • Dynamic Partnerships for Success: Offering comprehensive partnership models for OEM/ODM suppliers, professionals, and businesses looking to expand.

Sharks Trade Group mission - Together for better tomorrow.

Work with Us

Whether you're an OEM/ODM supplier with cutting-edge products, a professional driven by innovation, or a business eager to expand its market reach, Sharks Trade Group offers diverse partnership models tailored to your success. Let's unlock the potential of global trade together.

Wholesale | Distribution

Ideal for brands looking to expand their market reach without the complexities of direct sales, our Wholesale/Distribution partnership offers a straightforward path to market entry.    

Authorized Distribution

Elevate your brand presence and market penetration with our Authorized Distribution partnership. This option is perfect for brands seeking to not only enter but also grow in the European and UK market from Poland.


For those looking to make a significant impact with their market entry, our Shareholding option offers a deeper level of engagement and control. From local company formation, beyond  comprehensive management.

Why Choose Us?

Global Expertise

Decades of navigating the intricacies of international trade at your service.

Strategic Growth

Focused on expanding our footprint in Poland and beyond to bring your products to new markets.

Innovative Partnerships

Customized solutions for wholesale/distribution, authorized distribution, and shareholding opportunities.

Dynamic Team

A blend of experience and innovation, ready to drive your business forward.

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