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Welcome to the pulse of global commerce with Sharks Trade Group, your gateway to seamless wholesale and distribution services. In the vast world of trade, our expertise is your advantage, offering a streamlined path from manufacturer to marketplace.

Choose Sharks Trade Group for wholesale and distribution and witness your reach extend. Partner with us and experience the true meaning of global business made simple.

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Seeking Innovative OEM and ODM Partners

We are actively seeking to partner with forward-thinking OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) producers. If you're crafting quality products and innovative designs, join us. Our distribution expertise can take your creations to new, thriving markets with efficiency and precision.

Quality and Innovation at the Forefront

Our key criterion is straightforward – exceptional quality that can proudly represent our brand. Whether you own a distinguished brand or offer an unbranded product, the essence of our partnership lies in the product's quality, innovative design, and competitive pricing. Our commitment is to products that aren’t just good but outstanding, paving the way for a lasting and prosperous cooperation.

Seeking OEM and ODM Suppliers

We're on the lookout for suppliers who align with our commitment to quality and innovation, ready to embark on a journey of mutual growth and success.

Long-Term Cooperation

We believe in building relationships that last, focusing on sustainable success that benefits all parties involved.

Creating Our Own Brand

The ultimate goal is to establish a brand that represents unparalleled quality and innovation. Whether the product is already branded or not, the key is to integrate products that align with our vision of excellence.

Distinguishing Between Product Types

We seek partnerships with products of exceptional quality, aimed at long-term market success. Our focus is on products that align with our high standards and brand vision, committing fully to those that stand out in quality and competitive pricing.

Interested in Authorized Distribution Partnership?

Our section on authorized distribution offers insights into how we align with producers' visions and strategies, ensuring your brand receives the dedicated focus and comprehensive support it deserves.

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