Invest in Your Polish Success

Enter the Polish market not just as a participant but as a stakeholder with Sharks Trade Group, your partner in shareholding and strategic market success. This unique opportunity transcends traditional business models, offering a deep, invested partnership that aligns our expertise and resources with your needs.

It's a journey of mutual commitment, where your growth is our growth, and together, we navigate the complexities of establishing a strong market presence in Poland and beyond.

How is works? Key Steps in Shareholding Partnership

Entering the Polish market as a shareholding partner with Sharks Trade Group is a strategic move towards establishing a significant presence and achieving long-term success. Our shareholding partnership is meticulously crafted to offer more than just market entry; it's about building a prosperous and sustainable business together. Here's a breakdown of the key steps in our shareholding strategy:

Solid Foundation for Success

We lay the groundwork for your brand's entry into Poland with meticulous preparation, handling all local market challenges. Our approach includes establishing a company in Poland (Sp. z o.o., similar to a UK LTD), serving as a strategic gateway to the EU and UK, and providing a robust legal, accounting, and business framework for seamless operation.

Comprehensive Operational Support

Our support encompasses everything needed for effective market penetration and sustained growth. From legal services and management structure development to comprehensive IT and hardware infrastructure, we ensure your business is equipped for success. This includes cutting-edge tools for customer management, sales channel building, and seamless integration of operational software.

Tailored Strategies and Shared Growth

With Sharks Trade Group, shareholding is about crafting tailored strategies that reflect our combined insights and expertise. We negotiate individual solutions, including share division based on needs, ensuring a partnership that's as unique as your brand. Our extensive experience enables us to oversee and drive the business, significantly shortening your path to new market entry.

Expansive Market Reach

Poland is not just a starting point; it's a springboard into the broader European landscape. Our partnership emphasizes Poland's strategic position as a gateway to the EU and UK, with tailored strategies to capitalize on this unique market positioning. We offer key benefits like access to B2B and B2C channels, marketplaces, partnerships, and retail chains, ensuring comprehensive market penetration and visibility.

What do you get by partnering with us?

Expedited Market Entry

Utilize our experience and extensive network to shorten your journey to market entry, making Poland not just a point of entry but a gateway to the wider European Union and UK markets.

Comprehensive Support Infrastructure

Benefit from our full suite of services, including cutting-edge IT and hardware solutions, ensuring your business is equipped for success from day one.

Solid Foundation Building

Establish a strong foothold in the Polish market with comprehensive business setup, including legal formation and management structure development.

Customized Sales Channel Development

Maximize your market reach with our tailored B2B and B2C strategies, including marketplace integration, retail and business partnerships.           

Local Market Navigation

Overcome challenges and leverage opportunities in the local market with our expert guidance and strategic problem-solving, backed by over 30 years of experience.

Tailored Financial Strategies

Navigate your finances with personalized accounting, financial analysis, and legal expertise, optimizing your business for enhanced growth and profitability.

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